Genius iPhone camera hacks for taking creative photographs

Even though the camera on your iPhone is generally pretty awesome, Website Diply shared an article that shows twelve creative hacks to enhance the photo features of your iPhone. . . for fun!

Check out a few we thought was pretty cool:

“6. Pull an old pair of pantyhose over your camera lens to give your images a soft and hazy filter.”


“8. When the brightness of the sun causes your photography subject to be underexposed, placing a pair of tinted sunglasses over the lens of your camera will solve the problem!”


“10. Turn on Auto HDR to improve the image quality of your iPhone photos. Sometimes using HDR can result in non-realistic photos. However, just like Auto Flash, Auto HDR senses when the time is right to use HDR. “


Check out their website for full article.

[via Diply]

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