Examples of vintage & retro typography design

Website DesignSchool has compiled and shared an article of 50 beautiful  examples of vintage and retro typography designs. Personally, I am a huge fan of anything vintage. I like to think that it is probably because I was meant to live in the 18th century where everything is magical and enchanting. Oh how it would be so amazing to experience wood block printing! Imagine the time and love people back in the day has put into printing one sentence on a piece of paper. The simple times.

Well here are some typography designs I thought are quite beautiful not to share with you all:

05. Eighty Nine


Eighty Nine by Simon Walker cleverly incorporates numbers into words. The bold serif is paired with a script and sans serif and textured to add to its retro vibe.”

06. Bisto Tin Limited Edition


“Bisto is a meat-flavored gravy powder, popular in the UK.Robot Food took elements from its original packaging, spiced them up with golden flourishes, and added a bit of a modern touch with a black background to this tin, paying homage to the beloved brand.”


09. Pepsi Cola on Type Hunting


“Pepsi Cola’s logo evolution gradually moved away from the beautiful, vintage script it once was and arrived at today’s seemingly smiling tricolor sphere. Maybe it is my bias towards skillfully crafted script logos but I’d likely be more inclined to chose Pepsi over Coke if I could admire this mark on its bottle.”


37. Virtuola Cigars


“Virtuola Handmade Cigars’ mark feels sporty, featuring custom type reminiscent of pieces we see today in sports banners and apparel.”

Full article and all 50 designs can be found [via DesignSchool]

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